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The founding principal behind "The Real Estate Web Guy" is to offer affordable and professional services to the Real Estate industry. When we work with our clients, we strive to better understand their business goals and work with them to achieve them. This helps us to better understand how the site needs to function with the design and layout. 

As an authorized distributor & designer for Point2 Agent for over 10 years, we know the ins and outs of the Point2 templates better than anyone else when it comes to customizing your Point2 site.  So please use an authorized designer when choosing a designer to customize your Point2 website.

End of Summer Special

From 8/15/2015 to 9/30/2015 we are offering our design services on your Point2 Agent website for $300.00!!!  Call (708-691-4648) or email us today to learn more about this special offer.


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We understand how difficult times are now for Realtors and we want to help you still do business.  We will even custom tailor a design package for your budget. To view the pricing click here. 

The services we offer our clients are: website design, search engine optimization, hands on training via a web conference, site maintenance, virtual listing assistance and custom graphics.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

The Real Estate Web Guy

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