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Point2 Agent Sunset Countdown

Michael Carbonara

The Real Estate Web Guy

With over 19 years of experience as a web designer, I take great pride in my ability to create clean and responsive web designs that make a lasting impression. Specializing in serving real estate agents and brokers, I understand the unique needs of this industry and deliver websites that showcase properties and services with elegance and functionality. As a trusted Point2 Agent authorized designer and alliance member, I have access to cutting-edge tools and resources, enabling me to provide top-tier solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Thank you for putting your trust in me over the years. I am dedicated to delivering exceptional web designs that elevate your real estate business and leave a positive impact on your clients.

Point2 Agent FAQ

Q: Will I be able to get my listings from Point2 Agent before my site goes away?

A: Yes, you can submit a request to Point2 and have all of your listings and images sent to you. They will not send you any of your web page content. However, they may not get them to you as quickly as you would hope. So have a Plan B ready just in case.  

Q: What will happen to all my content on my site.

A: You have to copy not only your content, but your meta descriptions, title tags and meta keywords. I would suggest you copy each URL for each of your page on your site so you can be used as a 301 redirect to help with your SEO ranking. If you are uncertain of how to do all of this we can assist you.

Q: Will I be able to still do handshakes after my site goes away?

A: Unfortunately the answer is No. Point2 is not moving that feature over to your Point2 Homes profile page. You can still add your listings into Point2 Homes but if you want to get them noticed you will be paying an advertising fee, which I believe there are two different ones.

Q: Do you have any other options available for real estate agents?

A: Yes, I would be happy to go over your options regardless of your geographic location. Simply fill out the form below and I will contact you to set up a meeting so I can better understand your requirements and timeline that you and/or your brokerage requires.

Q: Can I redirect one of my domain names to my Point2Homes Profile Page?

A: Yes, I would highly recommend that you keep posting your listings on Point2 Homes, You are probably getting some leads from them, so why not keep you listings on their site. The only challenge for you would be if you have to enter them in two places.

Q: Can I use the Listings to Go feature in my Point2 Agent site and put that on my new site?

A: I would not recommend that. That feature is on the point2 Agent site and when your site goes away on 12/31/2023, that link will be no longer working. I have options for agents, so please fill out the form below and I will be happy to assist you.


We'd love to hear from you!

Michael Carbonara

+1 708 691 4648

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