Point2 Virtual Listing Assistance Program

Thank you for expressing interest in our Virtual Listing Assistance Program for Point2 Agent users. With this service, you will be able to utilize a virtual assistance to enter, maintain and submit your listings for syndication with your Point2 Agent website.  The value of listing syndication in today's market is essential, and will help give you the competitive edge over other Realtor's that still follow the traditional marketing methods.

The key benefit of working with a Virtual Listing Assistant are:


"I recently started using the Virtual Listing Program and it is inexpensive, and the turn-around is quick. This frees up my time to handle my business." Patrick Zomparelli RE/MAX Team 2000

  • Low Costs
  • Free up your time
  • Flexible hours
  • Quick turnaround

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Does your service work?
A: You purchase listing credits in packs of 10.  10 listing credits costs $100.00.  Once you are setup, you will receive instructions on how to set us up in your MLS system, so we can receive notification of your new listings and any changes.

Q: How quick do you enter or update the listings?
A: Depending on how many are sent, we normally have them entered/updated within 24 to 48 hours.

Q: Do you manage our listings from start to finish?
A: Yes, as long as we are notified of any changes on your listings, we update your listings at no additional.

Q: Do  you also promote the listings to Craigs List and Backpage as part of your service?
A: Not at this time, but we are working on adding this as an add-on service soon.

Q: Are there any contracts to sign?
A: We will provide you with a copy our terms and conditions. There are no contracts, and you can end your service at anytime.