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Virtual Listing Assistance Terms and Conditions

The client is responsible for setting up “The Real Estate Web Guy” as a prospect in their Realtor’s local MLS system in order for “The Real Estate Web Guy” to receive notification of new and updated listings. In addition, the client is responsible for keeping “The Real Estate Web Guy” as an active prospect for the duration of the time the client is receiving services from “The Real Estate Web Guy”. 

The client will purchase a minimum of 10 listings credits at the cost of $100.00 US dollars. This entitles the client to the services of: “The Real Estate Web Guy” to add or update the client listings. One listing credit is used for each new listing and not for any updates to existing listings. The existing listings if entered by “The Real Estate Web Guy” will be maintained, if the client entered any of these listings, then it will be the responsibility of the client to continue to maintain those listings unless otherwise agreed to by “The Real Estate Web Guy”.

Once your balance is down to two listing credits or $20.00, “The Real Estate Web Guy” will invoice you for another batch of 10 listing credits.

Once the client has agreed to these terms and conditions and payment has been received for the first batch of listing credits, then “The Real Estate Web Guy” will email the client with the applicable email address to send listing notifications to.

Termination Clause
Either party may terminate the agreement as long as a 30 day notice has been given by either party. The remaining balance will be refunded to the client after the 30 day notice. No new listings will be entered once a 30 day notice has been given by either party.